1009 (prime)

  • ἀμφιλύκη (amphilukē) – half-light; morning twilight
  • ἐλεημοσύνας (eleēmosunas) – pities, mercies; charities, alms (Acts 10:2)
  • ἐπιγνῶναι (epignōnai) – to look upon, witness, observe; recognize; find out, discover; decide; approve
  • ποδεών (podeōn) – end (of a skin); neck or mouth of a wineskin; neck of a bladder; any narrow end
  • συνθήματα (sunthēmata) – preconcerted signals; passwords; tokens, signs; connections; symbols; signatures
  • φυλακήν (phulakēn) – watching, guarding, keeping, preserving; station, post; ward, prison; custody; precaution
  • χθόνιος (khthonios) – in, under, or beneath the earth; sprung from the earth; in or of the country
  • χρήμασιν (khrēmasin) – to/for/by/with needs; goods, property, money; things, accounts, concerns