101 (prime)

  • αἱ δεξιαί (hai dexiai) – those on the right; fortunate, dexterous, skillful
    (women or grammatically feminine things)
  • αἱ μεγάλαι (hai megalai) – the big, full grown; great, mighty (women or grammatically feminine things)
  • δοθῇ (dothēi) – he/she/it should be given
  • ἐκεῖναι (ekeinai) – those (women or grammatically feminine things)
  • ἡ ἀγάπη (hē agapē) – the love (especially love of god for man and man for god); the charity
  • ἡ ἀοιδή (hē aoidē) – the song; singing; spell, incantation
  • ἡ γαμηλία (hē gamēlia) – the wedding feast
  • ἡ πέζα (hē peza) – the foot, instep; bottom, end; edge, border; bank, coastline
  • κλίμα (klima) – inclination, slope; latitude, region; direction, cardinal point; clime
  • μηδαμή (mēdamē) – not even one, not any one, no one
  • μίαν (mian) – one
  • πάθαι (pathai) – passive states; things done (to a person); sufferings, misfortunes
  • ῥά (rha) – there and then; then, next; namely
  • ῥᾶ (rha) – easily, lightly