167 (prime)

  • αἱ διάνοιαι (hai dianoiai) – the thoughts, notions; processes of thinking; thinking faculties; intellectual capacities
  • αἱ πεῖναι (hai peinai) – the hungers, famines; the longings, desires
  • δοκιμάζει (dokimazei) – he/she/it tests, puts to the test; examines; deems fit; approves, sanctions
  • ἐξῆλθεν (exēlthen) – he/she/it went or came out of; marched out, went forth; came to an end; was accomplished
  • ἐπὶ μέθῃ (epi methēi) – because of strong drink; because of drunkenness
  • ἦλθον (ēlthon) – I/they started, set out; walked; came, went; arrived
  • νεανίαν (neanian) – young man, youth; youthful, impetuous, active; new, fresh
  • οἱ βάδοι (hoi badoi) – the walks