197 (prime)

  • ἀγοράζει (agorazei) – he/she/it frequents the marketplace; buys
  • ἀλαζονική (alazonikē) – disposed to make false pretensions, boastful, braggart
  • ἀναπνεῖ (anapnei) – he/she/it takes a breath, draws breath; enjoys a respite, recovers from; breathes forth, sends forth
  • ἄπειρα (apeira) – boundless, infinite; indefinite; endless, circular (things)
  • γεγονέναι (gegonenai) – to have come into being; to have been born; to have been produced
  • διάβολοι (diaboloi) – slanderers, enemies; devils
  • ἐπαραί (eparai) – solemn curses; imprecations
  • ἡ ἅρπη (hē harpē) – the bird of prey; the sickle
  • κεραμικά (keramica) – potter’s vessels; pottery; ceramics