271 (Prime)

  • ἔζησαν (ezēsan) – they lived; were alive; passed their lives
  • εἴασεν (eiasen) – he/she/it suffered, permitted; conceded, allowed; prevented, forbade; left alone
  • ἴασιν 1 (iasin) – they come or go; depart
  • ἴασιν 2 (iasin_ = healing, mode of healing, remedy; mending, repairs; (in alchemy) cupellation, refining
  • ἰκμάς (ikmas) – moisture
  • καπνόν (kapnon) – smoke; fumitory, Fumaria officinalis
  • μιαρόν (miaron) – stained, defiled with blood; defiled, polluted; abominable, foul; blackguard
  • ὁ πίναξ (ho pinax) – the board, plank; drawing or writing tablet; trencher; plate; astronomical table