47 (prime)

  • ἀγέλη (agelē) – herd; company; shoal; school (of fish)
  • ἀλέᾳ (aleai) – to/for/by/with escape; shelter; warmth, heat
  • βάγμα (bagma) – speech
  • γαλέη (galeē) – weasel, marten, polecat; a kind of small fish
  • ἐλαία (elaia) – olive tree; olive
  • ἡ ἀϊκή (hē aikē) – the rapid motion, flight
  • ἡ ἁλή (hē hale) – the salt-works
  • ἰδιάζει (idiazei) – he/she/it is alone, secluded; is peculiar, special; is the property of; is peculiar to an individual
  • κῆθι (kēthi) – there, in that place; in another world; in the intelligible world