73 (prime)

  • ἀγαγεῖν (agagein) – to lead, carry, fetch, bring; carry off; lead on; guide, manage, conduct
  • ἄζειν (azein) – to dry up, parch
  • ἄζειν (azein) – to cry, groan, sigh; to breathe hard
  • ἀλλαγή (allagē) – change; exchange, barter
  • ἀνέθη (anethē) – he/she/it was sent forth; let go; allowed; unfastened
  • γένει (genei) – to/for/with/by a race, stock; offspring; house, family; generation; kind, genus
  • Ἑλίκη (Helikē) – Helike, winding, convolution, a name for Ursa Major (Aratus Phaen. 1.37)
  • ἡ κλαγγή (hē klangē) – the sharp sound; the twang; the scream; the grunting; the howling; the hissing
  • θήλειαι (thēleiai) – females; a kind of cheese made in Crete