83 (prime)

  • αἱ ἄλλαι (hai allai) – the others; the other women
  • ἄλγημα (algēma) – pain felt or caused; suffering
  • ἀνάγκη (anankē) – force, constraint, necessity; natural need, necessary condition; compulsion
  • βοαί (boai) – loud cries, shouts; murmurs
  • ἡ ἔνδεια (hē endeia) – the want, lack; the deficiency, defect, need; the want of means, poverty
  • ἥξει (hēxei) – he/she/it will come
  • κενή (kenē) – empty, fruitless, void; destitute, bereft; empty-handed; devoid of wit
  • μεθῆκα (methēka) – I set loose, let go; released; gave up, abandoned; resigned, forgave
  • μέλη (melē) – limbs, members, body parts; musical members, phrases, melodies