89 (prime)

  • ἀβακεῖν (abakein) – to be speechless
  • ἐδεήθην (edeēthēn) – I/they needed, wanted, required, besought, begged
  • ἡλικίαι (hēlikiai) – times of life, ages; primes of life; generations
  • ἡνίκα (hēnika) – at the time when; while; whenever; at which point
  • θαλάμη (thalamē) – lurking-place, den, lair; bedroom; nest; grave; cavity (of the body)
  • ἰαθῆναι (iathēnai) – to heal, cure; treat, remedy, repair; cure the effects of, counteract
  • ἱκανή (hikanē) – sufficing, becoming, befitting; sufficient, competent; adequate, enough
  • κάθημαι (kathēmai) – I am seated; I sit; am encamped; reside; lead a sedentary or obscure life
  • καινή (kainē) – new, fresh; newly-made; newly-invented, novel; strange; without precedent