97 (prime)

  • ἀγέλην (agelēn) – herd; company; shoal; school (of fish)
  • Ἀμάλθεια (Amaltheia) – the goat Amaltheia, which suckled Zeus
  • διδάξῃ (didaxēi) – he/she/it will instruct, teach; explain; indicate, give sign of
  • ἔθηκεν (ethēken) – he/she/it put, placed; deposited; paid; established; fought; disposed; put to order, managed
  • ἡ θαλάμη (hē thalamē) – the lurking-place, den, lair; the bedroom; the grave; the cavity (of the body)
  • λέαινα (leaina) – lioness
  • μεγάλῃ (megalēi) – to/for/by/with (something) big; full-grown; vast, high; great, mighty; loud; impressive
  • πέδη (pedē) – fetter; anklet, bangle; mode of breaking a horse by riding him in figure-eights